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Hi to all Players, this Sunday is the start of our year and wish you all the best, please remember we all go to work on monday and we are playing "footy for fun".
These are the Rules that are different or clarified from last year
  • Forfeit, if a club forfeits twice in any competition then that team will be withdrawn from that competition. The old rule was the whole club would be withdrawn, which meant Frankston would not have played finals last year, having given 2 forfeits in the 45s.
  • A forfeit is classified as anytime a team does not play a scheduled game even if they withdraw from the completion all games will be considered forfeits with fines included
  • Maximum six players on the bench per team for all competitions, old rule allowed for as many as you like in the older competitions
  • One extra number of players for Supers and Reserves on the ground if a team is short the other team can only play that number of players + one to a max of 18 players (players sent off are counted as on field) This is the same as last year just need to remind
  • Even number of players for 45s and 50s including the bench (allowance of one player to accommodate odd number of players) old rule would allow one team to have 20 on the bench against a team with no one on the bench) also the old rule allowed one team to have an additional player on the ground
  • No under aged players in any competition, ever, no exceptions
  • Paperwork is now submitted by digital image. Further details on the web site
  • All games are 4 x 20 min quarters. Old rule was 20min for first two quarters and 15min for last two quarters for older age competitions (note clubs can agree (both clubs must agree prior to start of match) on different timings on the day to cater for ground availability or weather etc...)
  • On ground football rules stay the same as last year, we are not adopting any new AFL rules or interpretations
    Have a good game and avoid injuries.
    Bruce Chaplin President AFL Masters Victorian Metropolitan Superules Football League

  • This year the South v North Over 55s game will be held at the Cora Lynn Football Ground.
    Cora Lynn is just past Pakenham, for location click
    Saturday Night 4th July at 4:30pm please be there before 3:15pm. Cost will be $20
    The game will start immediately after the main game between Nar Nar Goon and Cora Lynn.
    Please register by sending an email to
    The game will go ahead this Saturday at Cora Lynn.
    There is still spots available if you wish to play
    Check the website
    Bruce Chaplin President AFL Masters Victorian Metropolitan Superules Football League
    Last Chance!! Applications Closing Friday 10th April
    Tasmania Mini Carnival on Saturday April 18th We will be split into 2 groups by age at this stage it's under50s and over50s
    $50 per person to cover transfers and dinner. Remember the Dogs play Hawks on the Sunday at Launceston
    If you haven't registered yet and would like to come please respond by return email
    VENUE - The Rocherlea ground (10mins out of Launceston)
    plush condition, sand based, even surface, for athletics like us.
    Training lights to night game standard >100 lux.
    Game 2: 12.15pm Under50s - Vic v Tas.
    Game 3: 2pm Over50s - Vic v Tas.
    Friday Night - Early arrivals - Meet 5:30pm at the Star Bar Launceston Shopping Mall, 113 Charles St Launceston.
    Saturday - Buses to take us to the grounds in morning
    - Play games / Have a few drinks watching the last game
    - Dinner will be provided at the ground / Band with dancing
    - Buses to take us back to Launceston
    Sunday - Go Home
    Accommodation - Peter Flood Sales & Marketing Manager
    . BEST WESTERN PLUS Launceston, 3 Earl St Launceston 7250,
    T: +61 3 6333 9950 . F: +61 3 6331 3712 . M: +61 428 190 563 .
    + Corporate Rate of $124/room + discounted breakfast $15/person for full hot and cold buffet breakfast.
    + Combination of family rooms have a queen bed and two singles,
    + Twin rooms have a king bed and a single
    + and the balance are king rooms.
    + Make sure you lock it in as it is a busy time in Launceston with the Bulldogs playing Hawthorn on the Sunday at Aurora.
    Any other questions, please call Peter Flood.
    Airfares - Each way - Qantas $99 - $129 or Virgin $89 - $119
    Note: this email list has been created from registered players from 2014, if you don't register this year you will no longer receive emails after April 2015.

    On Saturday the league is holding its annual EJ Whitten Golf Day at Broadford, you can find out more at
    Book your team now, numbers are limited.
    Fax or email form (f) 03 9354 6868 (e)
    Bruce Chaplin President AFL Masters Victorian Metropolitan Superules Football League









    Div.1 VicMetro
    Div.2 VicCountry
    Div.1 WesternAust
    Div.2 VicMetro
    Div.1 Queensland
    Div.2 A.C.T
    Div.1 VicMetroA
    Div.2 Queensland
    Div.1 SouthAust
    Div.2 VicCountry

    Date: Monday 25 Aug 2014 - Start 7pm.
    Venue:Coburg Supers Rooms, CoburgFG, 21 Harding St
    Attendees: Vic Metro Board Members, Club Presidents and/or Delegates
    o Start - o Welcome (BC) - 1 min o Roll Call (BC & RF) - 4 mins
    * Thank you's from President (BC) to Board Members and Administration Team
    * Achievements for the year - a reduction of fees with National Board, advertising with 3AW and SEN, website, constitution, financial accuracy (moved to Xero software, amalgamation of fees), SP accuracy and Adelaide Carnival (7 teams).
    * Future goals - Rules update (around no umpires, underage players, unregistered players, what is a forfeit?), appropriate penalties, match day paperwork, Sponsorship for the league (trade services advertising, club sharing).
    * Thank you to clubs for Season 2014.

    o Competition Director Report (CS) - 15 mins
    - Finals discussion
    * Thank you to clubs for Season 2014, even with difficulties early in season with fixturing, we had a great result.
    * As far as the mix for next year, there will be a lot of work to do. Premier 47's will go into Premier 45's in line with the rest of the comp.
    * The Board also wasn't a big push for the 50's division.
    * Semi-finals draw has been distributed and has been updated on SP.
    * Congratulations to all team who made it into semi's.
    * Board will receive an invoice for cost of day, Board will supply footy's at a discounted rate.
    * Please ensure you play eligible players (5 games) for semi's and GF.
    * Executive Director will be checking players after the games, if any ineligible players play, the team will not win.
    * GF will be held at Casey Fields.
    * Clubs to supply their own time keeper.
    * The Thursday after the semi's, Competition Director and Executive Director will require player list for GF so we can check eligibility of players.
    * Finals - still footy for fun. Umpires tend to be more vigilant at the finals so warn your players to keep their mouths shut.
    * Golf day - this year will be on a Saturday and the price has been dropped. Please push this with clubs as it's beneficial to the league.

    o Umpire Report (CS) - 5 mins.
    * Please make sure your players know the rules for the finals. The umpires will be more vigilant during finals.
    o Finance Report (SP) - 5 mins
    - Financials - All financials need to be cleared/paid to be eligible for Semi's.
    * Any outstanding fees (including pins, affiliation fees etc.) need to be cleared before you can play in the semis.
    * Invoices will be sent out this week for clubs who are playing in the finals, $300 per team.
    o Carnival Report (DS) - 5 mins
    * We've had quite a few registrations online where players have not made payments. Please ask players to let league know if they are not coming.
    o Website Update (GC) - 5 mins
    * Most of the bugs have been ironed out. Seems to be working well on Android, iPhone etc
    * Payments will be made through PayPal from next year.
    * All invoices will be sent and paid via our website.
    * There will also be a shop for league merchandise.
    * SP - we will work with over off season to make things function better. Going forward, we'd like for everyone to access SP club pages through our website (AFLVM).
    * News items work well on club pages though we can use the league page more and more from next year depending on content.
    * We want to get feedback from clubs on what is working and what's not, plus any other suggestions.

    o Correspondence
    * Match day paperwork - review of process will be looked at over the off season.
    o General Business
    Rules and fines
    * Fines for late paperwork
    * A fine or loss of points? To be discussed at the next meeting.
    o Proposed rules for next season will come through during offseason.
    o There will be also a document sent to clubs to ascertain what teams they will put forward for season 2015.

    o AGM for 2014,
    * To stay Monday 17 November.
    * Can any clubs offer a venue for the AGM on Monday 17 November?

    o New clubs
    * We've had a formal proposal put forward by Point Cook to join our league as a new club. A meeting took place with some board members and the club letting them know what is required. Nothing further has been done.
    * Lyndhurt and Narre Warren have showed interest though nothing more has come of it.

    o Votes
    * Votes will be sent out and published to web on Thursday 28-Aug.
    o Constitution stuff
    * Constitution states that clubs need to have four positions filled
    (this does not apply to clubs who are affiliated with a different league);
    positions are - President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.
    Please fill these positions and send contact details to Exec Director and Board President.
    * Also, a receipt must be made for every transaction made (any payment); this includes cash payments for fees etc.
    * Please ensure this is done going forward.

    o Life Members
    * Please let President, Bruce Chaplin know if you have any nominations for Life Members.
    If you need to see the criteria again, contact Bruce.

    * Support our Call To Arms fundraiser and help combat cancer in men.
    Let's get Supers back in the Fight. Game On!

    I'm sure we are all at the age now where we know someone personally who is going or has gone though the struggle with Cancer, and these days early detection and support can so much further improve our mate's prospects.
    This year's Call To Arms day for Vic Metro Masters club Carrum Cowboys is Sunday August 3rd.
    Get to the The Carrum Cowboys Donation Page soon to help asap.

    The other night I heard Trash from Carrum call up SEN to commend the organisation by Big Andy Schmoo as well as the efforts of Carrum and Vic Metro trainer Jessie MacCormack in helping the cause of raising awareness, support and treatment of cancer in men.
    Last year they came second only to Essendon FC in the the amount raised by any club. They hope to go further this year and are aiming for $10000 to help the cause.
    You can make donations to Call to Arms at Donation Page which are fully tax deductible.
    Trash is spreading the whisper that Jessie will shave her head next Sunday if they reach $10000, (or was that if they don't reach the $10000? I was driving the car so not sure which)
    Whichever way it goes, fire up and click Donation Page to help.
    Let's get Supers back in the Fight. Game On!
    - - -