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2017 AWARD WINNERS - Hi there Mudlarks. Well those who came to our Awards/Presentation night last Friday 20 October enjoyed a great night.
Swainy was at his politically incorrect best form, John Najjar came up with the goods once again with fantastic timber trophies (specially shaped to provide perfect material for Swainy’s jokes) and Ratty worked his magic around presenting the B&F count in an entertaining and speedy format.
The Duke looked after us very well, although Ray Nardella did complain the next day that perhaps his 25th beer might have been a bit off because he felt a bit poorly.
Thanks to everyone who helped organise the night, and thanks for coming along and enjoying good times with your partners, friends and footy mates.
The awards winners as follows:
Best and Fairest:
Adam Paglia,
2nd Pat Malone,
3rd Matt Sullivan
Most Improved: Kyle Dickson-Smith
Coach's Award: Mike Frencham
Best and Fairest:
Liv Mingot,
2nd Tony Hardy,
3rd Cam Miller
Goal Kicking: Rohan Lyon
Coach's Award (Most Improved):
Bart Sbeghen
Best and Fairest:
Mark Wareing,
2nd Tim Dolan, 
3rd Richard Noke
Goalkicking: Mark Gandolfo
Coach's Award: Mick Campisi
Overall Mudlark Club Awards: Magoo’s famous
“Golden Mudlark” Award: Marwan Saoud
(for outstanding service in boundary throw-ins into the wind…)
Best Clubman Award
: Tony Hardy
(finally getting some respect?)
I can’t believe that the season is over and we are well and truly headed into summer!
Don’t forget the AGM on Thursday 7 December, at the Duke. More details soon.
Also Brunny nines and training, starting up soon after cup weekend. More details soon
(might be a different night and place – to be confirmed).
Best wishes to all Kev

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