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386). 28.7.2014 11:12 AM -
Call to Arms - Cancer Awareness in Men - * Support our Call To Arms fundraiser and help combat cancer in men.
Let's get Supers back in the Fight. Game On!

I'm sure we are all at the age now where we know someone personally who is going or has gone though the struggle with Cancer, and these days early detection and support can so much further improve our mate's prospects.
This year's Call To Arms day for Vic Metro Masters club Carrum Cowboys is Sunday August 3rd.
Get to the The Carrum Cowboys Donation Page soon to help asap.

The other night I heard Trash from Carrum call up SEN to commend the organisation by Big Andy Schmoo as well as the efforts of Carrum and Vic Metro trainer Jessie MacCormack in helping the cause of raising awareness, support and treatment of cancer in men.
Last year they came second only to Essendon FC in the the amount raised by any club. They hope to go further this year and are aiming for $10000 to help the cause.
You can make donations to Call to Arms at Donation Page which are fully tax deductible.
Trash is spreading the whisper that Jessie will shave her head next Sunday if they reach $10000, (or was that if they don't reach the $10000? I was driving the car so not sure which)
Whichever way it goes, fire up and click Donation Page to help.
Let's get Supers back in the Fight. Game On!
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