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387). 21.8.2014 04:21 AM -
Delegates Meeting Aug 25 - Date: Monday 25 Aug 2014 - Start 7pm.
Venue:Coburg Supers Rooms, CoburgFG, 21 Harding St
Attendees: Vic Metro Board Members, Club Presidents and/or Delegates
o Start - o Welcome (BC) - 1 min o Roll Call (BC & RF) - 4 mins
* Thank you's from President (BC) to Board Members and Administration Team
* Achievements for the year - a reduction of fees with National Board, advertising with 3AW and SEN, website, constitution, financial accuracy (moved to Xero software, amalgamation of fees), SP accuracy and Adelaide Carnival (7 teams).
* Future goals - Rules update (around no umpires, underage players, unregistered players, what is a forfeit?), appropriate penalties, match day paperwork, Sponsorship for the league (trade services advertising, club sharing).
* Thank you to clubs for Season 2014.

o Competition Director Report (CS) - 15 mins
- Finals discussion
* Thank you to clubs for Season 2014, even with difficulties early in season with fixturing, we had a great result.
* As far as the mix for next year, there will be a lot of work to do. Premier 47's will go into Premier 45's in line with the rest of the comp.
* The Board also wasn't a big push for the 50's division.
* Semi-finals draw has been distributed and has been updated on SP.
* Congratulations to all team who made it into semi's.
* Board will receive an invoice for cost of day, Board will supply footy's at a discounted rate.
* Please ensure you play eligible players (5 games) for semi's and GF.
* Executive Director will be checking players after the games, if any ineligible players play, the team will not win.
* GF will be held at Casey Fields.
* Clubs to supply their own time keeper.
* The Thursday after the semi's, Competition Director and Executive Director will require player list for GF so we can check eligibility of players.
* Finals - still footy for fun. Umpires tend to be more vigilant at the finals so warn your players to keep their mouths shut.
* Golf day - this year will be on a Saturday and the price has been dropped. Please push this with clubs as it's beneficial to the league.

o Umpire Report (CS) - 5 mins.
* Please make sure your players know the rules for the finals. The umpires will be more vigilant during finals.
o Finance Report (SP) - 5 mins
- Financials - All financials need to be cleared/paid to be eligible for Semi's.
* Any outstanding fees (including pins, affiliation fees etc.) need to be cleared before you can play in the semis.
* Invoices will be sent out this week for clubs who are playing in the finals, $300 per team.
o Carnival Report (DS) - 5 mins
* We've had quite a few registrations online where players have not made payments. Please ask players to let league know if they are not coming.
o Website Update (GC) - 5 mins
* Most of the bugs have been ironed out. Seems to be working well on Android, iPhone etc
* Payments will be made through PayPal from next year.
* All invoices will be sent and paid via our website.
* There will also be a shop for league merchandise.
* SP - we will work with over off season to make things function better. Going forward, we'd like for everyone to access SP club pages through our website (AFLVM).
* News items work well on club pages though we can use the league page more and more from next year depending on content.
* We want to get feedback from clubs on what is working and what's not, plus any other suggestions.

o Correspondence
* Match day paperwork - review of process will be looked at over the off season.
o General Business
Rules and fines
* Fines for late paperwork
* A fine or loss of points? To be discussed at the next meeting.
o Proposed rules for next season will come through during offseason.
o There will be also a document sent to clubs to ascertain what teams they will put forward for season 2015.

o AGM for 2014,
* To stay Monday 17 November.
* Can any clubs offer a venue for the AGM on Monday 17 November?

o New clubs
* We've had a formal proposal put forward by Point Cook to join our league as a new club. A meeting took place with some board members and the club letting them know what is required. Nothing further has been done.
* Lyndhurt and Narre Warren have showed interest though nothing more has come of it.

o Votes
* Votes will be sent out and published to web on Thursday 28-Aug.
o Constitution stuff
* Constitution states that clubs need to have four positions filled
(this does not apply to clubs who are affiliated with a different league);
positions are - President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.
Please fill these positions and send contact details to Exec Director and Board President.
* Also, a receipt must be made for every transaction made (any payment); this includes cash payments for fees etc.
* Please ensure this is done going forward.

o Life Members
* Please let President, Bruce Chaplin know if you have any nominations for Life Members.
If you need to see the criteria again, contact Bruce.

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