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394). 20.1.2015 01:02 AM -
MINI CARNIVAL Metro verses Tas - Its time to nominate, come on!
MINI CARNIVAL Vic Metro verses Tasmania
The Big V have organised a mini carnival in Rocherlea Tasmania (5 Klms from Launceston) on the Saturday 18 April 2015. There will be three games >35s , >45s , >55s. We need 24 players for each age group and coaches. The cost will be kept at a minimum. Around $50 to players and $50 for wives, this includes transfers from Launceston to Rocherlea and back to airport and a meal on Saturday night. If you need jumper, shorts or socks, Big V clothing is available from Chris Spencer
We will nominate some accommodation locations as soon as we can lock them in
FYI - flights are about $200 return
Please send me an email to indicate your interest
--- Bruce Chaplin President AFL Masters Victorian Metropolitan Superules Football League
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