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268). 25.4.2014 12:41 AM -
New AFLVM.COM.AU - The new AFL Masters Vic MetroCheck it out – website is now Live!
We will still be using our old website temporarily as the history is still being linked (
So, for any new info you need, use the new website; for any old info, use the old website. Enjoy!
267). 11.4.2014 11:27 PM -
LAST MINUTE SIGN-UP - When an unregistered player turns up on game day to play, please follow this process:
  • If you have a laptop or PC, process their application online before the game (see attached email on how to process online).
  • If not, have the player fill in National Registration form, ensuring they answer all of the questions.
  • Sight their license, or PhotoID.
  • Follow the online process on their behalf the Monday or Tuesday after the game.
  • Be sure to hand write the player on the team sheet so, whatever the umpires signs off on is final.
    Regards, Beck
  • 266). 10.4.2014 02:56 PM -
    Fee Payment to League Account - Hi all,
    For any Moneys paid, the league prefers electronic transfers. Account details are:
    Victorian Metropolitan Superules
        Football League (Inc)
    BSB No 083-912
    Account No 46-776-2447

    Remember to clearly indicate your Club Name
        in Transfer Descriptions
    If you’re unable to do an electronic transfer,
    a cheque can be posted to:
    PO Box 8697
    Carrum Downs, Vic 3201
    Please continue to send match day paperwork to: PO Box 1057, Bendigo, Vic 3552
    Regards, Beck
    265). 3.4.2014 04:25 PM -
    All VicMetro Coaching Applications Close April 15 - Applications Now Open
    Expressions of Interest to Coach Vic Metro Rep Teams
    at Adelaide Carnival Sep28-Oct4 2014
    7 teams o35s, o40s, o45s, o50A, o50B, o55A, o55B
    Applications close 15th April

    Please send Resume and Expression of Interest
    to Dom Sita:
    Training start date: TBA July
    Required - provide Team Manager,
    - provide Assistant Coach
    - attend most Sessions
    - attend Coach Meetings

    264). 2.4.2014 12:05 PM -
    Masters Bali9s 2014, Jun 6&7 at Changgu Club,Bali - A great experience, lots of fun. Players Wanted
    Fletch is looking for more players to represent Vic Metro in the Vic Metro Motley Men
    All welcome at the present time we have these people confirmed and booked.
    MOTLEY MOBplease contact: Ian Fletcher,
    Ian Fletcher [Es]Mark Batten [Fo]John Barmby [..]
    Bernie Purcell [..]Robert Lamberti [..]Steve Eurell (NSW)
    Kevin Jensen [AV]Ken(Cactus)Coller[..]Wayne Collins [AV]
    Gary O’Neil [..] [..] [..]
    [..] [..] [..]
    [..] [..] [..]
    If you have ever been to Bali here is your next opportunity and get a game of footy in your travels as well.
    Queen’s Birthday Weekend - Bali 9s Carnival 2014
    Playing Friday June 6 and Saturday June 7 at the Canggu Club in Bali.
    Costs – Jumpers about $45 to $50 plus
    Rego about $700 shared equally between attendees
    Accommodation/food/beverages user pays. SPONSORS WOULD BE GOOD.
    263). 2.4.2014 12:52 AM -
    Over50s Draw Released, Div1Res addition -
  • added April 1 - Over-55s Game 5pm July5 at Rosebud
  • added April 1 - Over-50s Competition - for game start-times
    - Contact Neil Townley 0418-532-749,

  • added March - Div1Res adds Beacy3rds to fill BYE in Div1 Reserves Only.
  • added Feb28 - Hallam moving from Div1 to Div2

    PDF ver (177kB)

    Home Ground Changes
    Beaconsfield - Holm Park Rd, Beaconsfield
    Brunswick - McAlister Oval, Park St, Parkville
  • 262). 31.3.2014 11:26 AM -
    Important changes in FootyWeb - Password Management from: Tony Costanzo, National Footyweb Manager
    This Memo seeks to clarify for all stakeholders precisely what changes have been made to the Password Management area in Footyweb and importantly why.
    Background Historically League and Club Administrators could access passwords in a readable format for any members that existed in their Footyweb database. The rational was so that a League or Club Administrator could provide a member their username and password to re-register themselves online via a Registration Form.
    Change Under the Privacy Act, organisations must ensure that they have strict security measures in place to protect member privacy and all their associated data. As a result, we’ve changed the Password Management section in Footyweb to ensure member passwords can no longer be viewed by any Administrators and are kept private.
  • Some members have recently raised privacy concerns that their passwords were able to be accessed by Administrators and were uncomfortable with this as in some cases individuals use the same password for many of their other online systems (e.g – banking). This is a valid concern and we’ve made this change to ensure we protect the privacy of all our members moving forward.
    New Process The principle way members will now be able to access their username and password is by recalling it themselves in the online registration form to their email address.
  • The majority of members in Footyweb do have valid email addresses so this will be the most efficient process for all stakeholders and will provide the best means of ensuring the members privacy is protected.
  • For members who don’t have an email address, Club Administrators have the ability to temporarily reset a password in the Password Management section under “New Password” by clicking “Update Passwords”.
    In the coming weeks we anticipate this process will become even more efficient when “Member Dashboards” is released and individuals will be able to change their username to their email address and reset their password to whatever they would like.
    Whilst the timing of these changes is not ideal, I hope you can appreciate the rationale behind it and If anyone has any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me anytime.
  • 261). 28.3.2014 04:52 PM -
    Ground Inspection, Defib Battery Check - Hi All,
    this is IMPORTANT
    When agreeing that appropriate first aid facilities and equipment are available -
    Vic Metro require you to have a working defibrillator at the ground
    as part of that compliance. There are fines for non-compliance
    (If you have a Defib, good idea to have it at all your Home Training Sessions too)
    Note: It’s been about 5 years since we initiated the use of defibrillators,
    the batteries are usually good for about 5 years
    So – check your defibrillator batteries REGULARLY
    Cheers… Bruce Chaplin
    The insurance company JLT is developing a Phone App called
    The JLT Sport AFL Match Day Checklist App
    This App is a pre-game inspection tool for evaluating potential injury and accident causes on and around the player and public areas.
    It allows club officials to identify safety concerns and record any actions required to address these concerns.
    Download 2014 JLT Match Day Checklist [170kB]
    During the season, it is hoped the Match Day Checklist will be done on your phone, and submitted directly to JLT on game day. For Vic Metro, unless anyone can show good reason why not, we will expect that all match day checklists are submitted using this app. This will eliminate the need to keep a piece of paper for 7 years.
    260). 28.3.2014 04:09 PM -
    Player Registrations - Attached are some links for FoxSportsPulse Players Registrations.

    YouTube (58Mb)

    html (8kB)

    PDF (803kB)
    Send through any questions as they come up, and I will reply to everyone.
    There will be a FAQ on the new website once it’s up and running.
    I will send a step by step guide on local interchange later this week.
    Regards, Rebecca Fahey. Email:
    259). 25.3.2014 09:59 AM -
    Delegates Meeting Mar 24 Agenda, Minutes - Date: Monday 24 March 2014 - 7pm (SHARP) Venue: DW Lucas Oval, Dunlop Street, Glen Iris, 3146
    Attendees Required: Vic Metro Board Members, Club Presidents and/or Delegates
  • Welcome (BC) - 1 min
  • Roll Call (BC & RF) - 4 mins
  • Completion of financials from 2013 AGM
    o Motion: The financial report for 2013 be accepted?
    Moved: Bill Derham, Bayside Saints
    Seconded: Bernie Crimmins, Marcellin
  • All in favour
  • Fees (GC/BC) - Who has yet to pay fees?
    o First 50% are already due, 2nd 50% are due end of April
    o Clubs to provide a statement of where they are at financially
    Please send an email to Beck letting us know your payment schedule (date, amount etc)
  • Website Update (GC) - 10 mins
    Greg Cave not present, website progression coming along nicely. We are still on track for having the website up and running before the start of the season.
  • Sporting Pulse
    o Training on National Registration - from 7.30pm to 9pm
  • General Business - after SP training, 5-10 mins None
  • 258). 25.3.2014 03:08 AM -
    PAMBULA EASTER CARNIVAL - It's on again! Sat 19th and Sun 20th April.
    For the 12th year, the South Coast Buccaneers host a 2 day mini-carnival at Pambula Beach NSW (a bit further than Eden)

    Almost-Free Camping is still available right at the footy ground. Once again there are plenty of amenities, showers in the change rooms, and use of BBQ area, skate park, basketball courts available. There is a swimming pool next door, walking tracks and of course a great beach just down the road.
    All profits go to charities. An Orphanage in Bali and a Community Selected Cause
    Costs: Camping - Council will charge us now $10.00 per night per site.
    Players Match Fees - $20.00 per day
    Bowls and BBQ - small fee to cover costs
    Sat Night Dinner - pay Rotary Club for dinner can’t see it being too much.
    See Flyer for details
    257). 19.3.2014 06:41 AM -
    Commemorative Jumper for Wolf Steensen - Hi All, some of you may have known Bruce 'Wolf' Steensen, former-President of QLD for 9 years. Please read below and support if you can.
    frmom: Bruce Chaplin - AFLM VicMetro President
    From: Derek Delany - 17 March 2014
    Subject: Wolf Steensen Commemorative Jumper
    Gents, It is now some 25 days since Wolfie lost his life. Fortunately, in one respect, he was in a sound financial position, so his parents and family are keen for us to support the One Punch Can Kill (OPCK) campaign in any way we can.
    As a first step in a planned program of fundraising and commemorating Wolf’s life and contribution to AFL Masters, Gary Mitchell is co-ordinating a commemorative jumper for Wolf of which a photo is attached. The OPCK logo will be added to the jumper. All the jumpers will have number 8 and are sleeveless, and come in Small (90cm), Medium (95cm), Large (100cm), XL (105cm), 2XL (110cm), 3XL (115cm) and 4XL (120cm). The cost is $75 and all proceeds will be donated to OPCK.
    There is only one way to order these jumpers and that is by emailing Gary at by Sunday March 30, 2014 with your full name, Masters footy club/State (if applicable), postal address and size(s) required.
    Payment can only be done electronically by depositing $75 into MAFQ, Bank of Queensland, 124060 – 91279617. Please use your full name as the reference.
    Gary will close the list off the next day and place one order for all those that have paid. There will be no stock on hand for later orders.
    It would be appreciated if you could distribute this email to your clubs straight away to maximise the orders for these jumpers. There will be a commemorative game later in the season, possibly Parrots Vs Wolf’s and this jumper may be needed to get a game. The QLD President will also buy a beer to anyone at the Adelaide carnival who buys one of these jumpers. Please email Gary if you have any queries.
    Thank you for your support of this worthy and relevant cause.
    Regards, Derek
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