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257). 19.3.2014 06:41 AM -
Commemorative Jumper for Wolf Steensen - Hi All, some of you may have known Bruce 'Wolf' Steensen, former-President of QLD for 9 years. Please read below and support if you can.
frmom: Bruce Chaplin - AFLM VicMetro President
From: Derek Delany - 17 March 2014
Subject: Wolf Steensen Commemorative Jumper
Gents, It is now some 25 days since Wolfie lost his life. Fortunately, in one respect, he was in a sound financial position, so his parents and family are keen for us to support the One Punch Can Kill (OPCK) campaign in any way we can.
As a first step in a planned program of fundraising and commemorating Wolf’s life and contribution to AFL Masters, Gary Mitchell is co-ordinating a commemorative jumper for Wolf of which a photo is attached. The OPCK logo will be added to the jumper. All the jumpers will have number 8 and are sleeveless, and come in Small (90cm), Medium (95cm), Large (100cm), XL (105cm), 2XL (110cm), 3XL (115cm) and 4XL (120cm). The cost is $75 and all proceeds will be donated to OPCK.
There is only one way to order these jumpers and that is by emailing Gary at by Sunday March 30, 2014 with your full name, Masters footy club/State (if applicable), postal address and size(s) required.
Payment can only be done electronically by depositing $75 into MAFQ, Bank of Queensland, 124060 – 91279617. Please use your full name as the reference.
Gary will close the list off the next day and place one order for all those that have paid. There will be no stock on hand for later orders.
It would be appreciated if you could distribute this email to your clubs straight away to maximise the orders for these jumpers. There will be a commemorative game later in the season, possibly Parrots Vs Wolf’s and this jumper may be needed to get a game. The QLD President will also buy a beer to anyone at the Adelaide carnival who buys one of these jumpers. Please email Gary if you have any queries.
Thank you for your support of this worthy and relevant cause.
Regards, Derek
256). 3.3.2014 01:45 PM -
FIXTURE (ver April01) -
  • added April 1 - Over-55s Game 5pm July5 at Rosebud
  • added April 1 - Over-50s Competition
  • added March - Beacy3rds fill BYE in Div1Res.
  • added Feb28 - Hallam moving from Div1 to Div2

  • 255). 28.2.2014 01:04 PM -
    Delegates Meeting Minutes - Monday 24 February 2014 - Start 7pm
    Venue: Ross Gregory Oval (Melbourne) Albert Park
    Attendees: Vic Metro Board Members Club Presidents and/or Delegates
    • Welcome (BC) – 1 min
    From the period of our last presidents/delegates meeting, our Treasurer resigned. A new treasurer has been voted in - Steve Pearce. Welcome Steve.

    • Roll Call (BC & RF) –
    • Fees (GC/BC) – Who has yet to pay fees?
    A report of who has paid and not will be sent once we sort out financials with new treasurer.
    Clubs to provide a statement of where they are at financially
    Clubs need to pay ASAP to ensure they are included in fixture.

    • Website Update (GC) – A company has been appointed to do the site. The company that was chosen from the two who made proposals are players from the league.The basic architecture has been done.
    Work is being done with SP to link our website and their system, though it’s quiet a menial task.
    An online store is being developed so payments can be made over web.
    Players can also register for Carnival online, through online store.
    Merchandise will be available through the store.
    Any additional functions (golf day etc.) can be paid for in store.
    Accounting software is being changed to Xero as this works better with the online shop. Xero has the capacity to issue receipts.

    • Competition Director (CS) – Finalise division 1 and 2
    We have been advised that Hallam cannot field a reserves team which means the Division 1 will need to be re-done.
    The question was also asked of clubs, as the criteria is to field a supers and reserves, do we now move Hallam back down to division 2.
    Voted - yes
    Division 45’s, as there is no longer a Northern and Southern split, do we want to move from 45’s to 47’s, or stay with 45’s?
    Voted - stay at 45’s
    50’s fixture to be done ASAP, once other fixtures have been finalised.

    • Paperwork Paperwork was left at the front door for clubs to collect.
    Umpires match report – there is one change to note, both home team and away team managers have to sign on match day.

    • Finals Venues In need of 4 grounds, Mordialloc, Diamond Valley, Frankston have put their hands up. For all interested parties, please email CS directly (
    • Umpires (CS) – AM is an apology, clubs please email or call to discuss:
    Requirements for umpires supplied by the league this year. All Supers games will be supplied umpires. AM needs to know which clubs require umpires to be supplied for Reserves, Over 45’s and Over 47’s?

    • Uniforms There is a new shirt for field umpires (orange).
    Board wants all umpires to be wearing the same top. They are $20. Order through CS (
    Runners and trainers to be in high vis (yellow), with their title printed (runner, trainer etc.) $18 from CS.
    Footballs are available for $85, email CS.

    • Sporting Pulse Training on National Registration – from 7.30pm to 9pm
    As the power was out at the venue the meeting was held, training was postponed. Apologies from Melbourne Club. We will let presidents/delegates know a new date ASAP.
    Changes are: National Registration Scheme, players now need to register in SP before they can be added into clubs as players. This is a one off registration.
    By players registering themselves, it covers insurance terms and conditions, and there are other required fields that need to be completed for purposes of AFL and their funding. The privacy act is also covered.

    • General Business – after SP training, - None
    254). 22.2.2014 12:44 AM -
    DELEGATES MEETING Feb 24 - 7pm -
    Hi all, Attached is the agenda for Monday’s Presidents and Delegates meeting.
    Meeting will commence at 7pm SHARP at Ross Gregory Oval.
    There will be Sporting Pulse training from 7.30pm so we need to get started at exactly 7.
    Please arrange for your club Sporting Pulse operator to attend the meeting - this will avoid confusion and ensure the right people are getting trained.
    Regards, Rebecca Fahey
    Executive Director
    AGENDA Delegates Meeting - Date: Monday 24 February 2014 – 7pm (SHARP)
    Venue: Ross Gregory Oval (Melbourne) Albert Park
    Attendees Required:
    • Vic Metro Board Members
    • Club Presidents and/or Delegates
    Items: • Start – o Welcome (BC) – 1 min o Roll Call (BC & RF) – 4 mins
    • Fees (GC/BC) – 5 mins o Who has yet to pay fees?
    o Clubs to provide a statement of where they are at financially
    • Website Update (GC) – 5 mins
    • Competition Director (CS) – 10 mins
    o Finalise division 1 and 2
    o Paperwork
    o Finals Venues
    • Umpires (CS) – 5 mins o AM is an apology, clubs please email or call to discuss: Requirements for umpires supplied by the league this year. All Supers games will be supplied umpires. AM needs to know which clubs require umpires to be supplied for Reserves, Over 45’s and Over 47’s.
    o Uniforms
    • Sporting Pulse o Training on National Registration – from 7.30pm to 9pm
    • General Business – after SP training, 5-10 mins
    253). 8.2.2014 12:52 AM -
    2014 IMPORTANT DATES - -

    252). 5.2.2014 02:28 PM -
    Vic Metro new Mail Address - Victorian Metropolitan Superules
    PO Box 1057, Bendigo. 3552

    Please update your records and pass this info on to all relevant members of your club.
    251). 5.2.2014 02:22 PM -
    Delegates Meeting moved to Feb24 - The board has decided to postpone the next delegates meeting until Monday 24 February.
    This decision was made as we will have further progress with fixturing, website and other important issues. Please adjust your calendars.
    250). 11.12.2013 12:52 AM -
    Club Insurance - Legal Liability - Once again ALL Clubs/Teams MUST register ASAP for Public Liability Insurance
    through the JLTSport website for cover from 1Nov2013 to 13Oct2014
    - The basic Club Insurance is for Club Legal Liability ONLY - 2014 VicMetro cost is $400/TEAM

    - Extra Cover is available for Player Accident Insurance but this is at an extra premium (see links below)
    A number of masters players have attempted to make personal injury claims and have become upset when they are told that they are not covered (by our AFLM default choice) under our policy. They blame their masters clubs and masters states for not advising them.
    For those states that register their players through SportingPulse, or those states that still have a hardcopy registration form through their masters clubs, could you please ensure that in the acceptance of registration or conditions as a member for 2014 that there is included a short paragraph advising that “I understand that AFL Masters national insurance coverage of my club only covers Public Liability and Directors Liability insurance and does not cover me for personal injury. Personal accident cover is available separately through each masters club but must be taken out separately by the masters club and paid direct to JLT”.
    Regards, Neil King AFLMasters

    249). 11.12.2013 12:12 AM -
    VicMetro seeking new Website - Hi all, If you, or any of your club members, are interested in submitting a proposal for the new AFL Masters Victorian Metropolitan Superules Football League Inc. website, please see attached documents:
    · Letter to Service Provider Outlining Requirements
    · Website Functions
    · Website Specifications (2 pages)
    Submissions close 4pm, Friday 13 December.
    Regards, Rebecca Fahey

    248). 4.11.2013 12:20 PM -
    VicHealth is offering over $1 million in community grants to get more people in Victoria physically active through its Active Club Grants funding round.
    Grants of up to $3,000 each are on offer to community sport and active recreation clubs across Victoria to assist with the purchase of essential sporting, and injury prevention and management equipment.
    “These grants aim to make it a little easier for clubs to fund items or equipment to encourage people to join their club, and help them improve the safety of those taking part.
    “For 25 years, VicHealth has provided small grants to more than 9,700 community sport and recreation clubs across Victoria.”
    “Regular physical activity not only protects against many illnesses, it also makes us mentally healthy, alert and resilient against the stresses of modern life.”
    For further information or to apply for this grant online, visit
    The funding round closes 4pm Thursday 5 December, 2013.
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