EASTER April 19,20 - 2003

Convener: Ricky Holt, Pambula Beach (02) 6495-6035 0415-423-293
The entertainment organised at the Pambula Pub was good and the restaurants in Merimbula are great. Pambula and Merimbula are big tourist destinations over Easter and the school holidays, some motel accommodation was organised in advance, though quite a few Vics were holidaying in the area anyway.
Two Mordialloc players, Murray Stranger and Corne Olivier, footy addicts, went missing from their holiday at Mallacoota on both days, (they travel an hour in the city for their footy) but were tracked-down on the Sunday.
Some of the Vic Metro teams camped on the gymkhana field at the back of the ground and had to deal with kangas on the grass and huntsmen spiders in the firewood. They had a great time and some others will desert the motel to join them at the camp-site next year.
A Round-Robin format of 2 x 12˝ minute halves was played over two days with each side playing all four others. This made sure each team played two games each day, and everyone had a break between matches. Fixture
The two day format was a worry, but the fellas took it easy Saturday night and the best footy was played on the second day, when team system was settled and sides played to their strengths.
Though South Coast and ACT were well represented, the out-of-season promotion worked against the Victorian teams and in this inaugural competition each was a couple of players short. However, players chopped out in other teams and this built a great spirit of friendship among the participants.
The presence of the Metro Football Tarts (we’ll play with anyone) made sure all games were evenly balanced in player numbers and no-one was forced to sit out more than a few minutes on the bench.
Frankston’s team play was well-honed, ACT had the height advantage, South Coast’s lower average age produced long kicks and pace. Vic Country and Vic Metro’s wiley older players had some tricks up their sleeves and stole a couple of matches.
Results were not recorded, but no side won or lost all matches.
Metro beat Country, who beat ACT, who beat South Coast, who beat Frankston, who beat Metro.

This inaugural Easter Carnival is a South Coast pre-season event and they improved as it went along.
Congrats to the teams who welcomed them into Masters in a such a great spirit of Footy for Fun,
and we’ll all be back again, a bit better prepared with a few more recruits in 2004.
NOVELTY EVENTSSprintTorpedoDrop-Kick
Over-35Derek Hawe -ACTGavin Hofert - FrankstonDamian Hofert -Frankston
Over-40Mark Petalas - VMRob Nisbett - ACTAndrew Wright - SCB
Over-45Ian Walter - VCSandy Dugind -SCBMark Hofert - Frankston